An anonymous polling and discussion platform supporting organisations to gather the opinions of their employees about matters that are important to them, to help inform evolution.

About Parley

Here at Parley we believe that employees are the most important part of the business ecosystem.
Employee satisfaction focusses on a minimum level but, employee engagement tries to get
everyone to achieve greater.

Employees need to…

  • feel part of something
  • know that their opinion matters
  • feel valued
  • be ‘in the know’
  • know that there is a common purpose

That’s why we created the Parley platform – a new solution to employee engagement.


Parley gives everyone a chance to contribute to the future of their business.

The result being an engaged workforce with a common sense of purpose.

Anonymity is the central feature of Parley. This is vital so that honest opinions can be given without fear and received without prejudice.

Key Features


Suggest a Poll

You can suggest your poll ideas by choosing or creating your questions...


The polling feature allows you to ask ‘quick fire’ questions of your employees about topical matters.

Polls can be written and launched immediately or scheduled for a later date.

There is the optionality of ‘speaking with’ your entire workforce in one go, or to speak with a defined group, e.g. those from a specific office, sector group, division etc.

Once the poll is closed both the business and the employees can see the final result and there are further analytics available to the business as shown below.

All users of the app have the option to ‘suggest a poll’.


Suggest a Forum

You can suggest your forum ideas by choosing or creating your questions...

Discussion Forums

The discussion forum feature allows you to ask a group of employees a broader question, without defined responses.

Respondents will be able to express themselves here fully and in their own words but importantly still anonymously.


Why Choose Us

Parley is a platform with three principle differentiators, it is...



Simple to use for both the business and the employee



Focussed on the ‘so-what’



Tailored to suit individual business needs

Choose us to support you with the evolution of your business.

Download our App

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